Get to Know Us!

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Meet Tony!

Anthony is a poet and performer whose biracial experience informs and inspires his work. He’s ranked 2nd at the World Poetry Slam, performs in the Lionsgate film Love Beats Rhymes, and appears in major publications such as Huffington Post, Upworthy, & Button Poetry. His work has garnered him over 10 million views online between his poetry and socio-political commentary. He fights against bigotry, speaking on white supremacy, homophobia, misogyny and more.

Facebook: @mcphersonpoetry
IG: @mcphersonpoetry
Twitter: @mcphersonpoetry
YouTube: Anthony McPherson

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Meet B!

B is a girl from the South Bronx who is just trying to buy a home in the ever-gentrifying neighborhood she grew up in. Serving her community as a teacher, B provides youth of color with access to inclusive curriculum and opportunities beyond high school. When she’s not in the trenches fighting within the predominantly white system, she’s pole dancing, performing aerial dance, and living her best life.

IG: BettyRey902
Twitter: BettyRey902